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 21 December 2000- Hey everybody, well I think it's safe to say that the Klapp is broken up. For quite sometime now it seems like nobody else in the band was interested in doing it anymore so I've started a new band with Chris King from New Left Standard on bass and Mike Wells on drums. So we're planning on recording a few songs with Matt Allison in January. I'll put more information on that up when it's finished. So yeah thanks to everybody who bought any klapp stuff or helped us out in anyway-i'll make sure all you guys get free cds of the new band...



20 October 2000- Big news from the Klapp! On November 9th we will be recording 3 songs at Atlas studios in chicago with the infamous Matt Allison. Matt has recorded bands like Alkaline Trio, the Broadways, Lawrence Arms, Honor System, and many more. We're all looking forward to this and once the songs are completed we will be releasing a 7" and CD called "bake sale". We will most likely be selling these for very cheap or even giving them out for free if your nice to us. Now all we need to do is write the songs before we record... alright that's is for now. oh and the new address for this website is

18 June 2000- The CD is finally out and we've gotten good reviews overall. We are just about ready to start playing shows so keep checking the shows page for more information. On saturday, June 10th the Fast n Loud radio show on 89.3 played "Emo(from the waist down)". It was just about the coolest thing that has happened for us so make sure you listen to that show every Saturday night from 1am-3am and request the Klapp.


12 April 2000- I've got a lot of Klapp news for all of you! The CD is just about completed. The music is completely finished and the vocals will be recorded on this Saturday. We plan the release show for the album on Saturday April 20th in Eric's basement with Upchuck and Antagonist. We've also got a bunch of new merchandise available including t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, posters, buttons, and stickers. Check out the merchandise page for more on that. And thanks to everyone who's bought stuff from us already. We're trying to work our way out of debt. If everything goes well at our first show on the 22nd we will be setting up as many shows as we can. If anybody can help us out with shows that would be great. We'll play just about anywhere. Well that's about it, thanks for stopping by.


16 March 2000- Hello klappers. How is everyone doing? I don't have too much new news for you except that we have been practicing real hard to get ready for the recording of our cd. We have all the songs picked out and ready to go and all that's left is the actual recording of them. Here are the songs in no particular order: The FBT Song, Mr. Grey(Pat McCormick), Punk Rock Suburbia, Emo(from the waist down), Electric Sex, PRG #138, Urinal Jumpers, Kill the Modern World, and our version of the classic FIFTEEN song Roadie Revolution. The CD should be out in April now. Also keep checking for our US World Tour Dates during the summer. In other news I'd like address the problem we've been having in our message board. Some people have been leaving us death threats and other obsene messages and I'd just like to tell them that the Klapp does not put up with that shit. We are a brutal as fuck punk rock band and when we find you, you'll be wishing you were never born. Have a nice day.


28 February 2000- Hey everybody! Thanks for stopping by the new and improved Klapp homepage. Okay I know everybody's wondering: What's new with the Klapp? Well I'm going to answer that question. We have been practicing more and more getting ready for the recording of our debut album. Most of the album is written and we are just perfecting the songs before we go into the studio. Expect the CD to be released on CV Records in March or April. We have some new merchandise including t-shirts, patches, boxer shorts, hooded sweatshirts, and stickers. Check out the merchadise page for more info on that. Well that's about it for now, stop back soon because I am going to be adding much more to this site in the near future.

-Terry Angry