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  Chester Depressed: The golden throated master of the rebel yell, Chester Depressed commands a stage demeener that rivals that held by legendary frontman Dennis Carter of (R.I.P) Demiloaf. With his precision punk jumps and brutal verbal assault, this is one vocalist headed for Showoff esque stardom


Eric Sardonic: You may reconize this next drummer from such bands as Demiloaf, Helms Deep, Dolar In Sonace, Dying Corpse, and Enforsaken. The multi-talented Eric Sardonic is back, this time beatin' the skins. Eric is also responible for the polished sounds heard on Klapp recordings.

Terry Angry: From the mean streets of da' Heights Terry Angry blasts out grinding punk chords(and breaks "A" strings) through his custom Marshpeg while basking in the cold darkness of the shadow cast by the Arlington Heights Water Tower. Terry Angry truley is the very defenition of a punk rock guitar playing virtuoso (minus the emo pants of course).


Professor Adam: For all of us who love bumpin' bass in theirs highest, twangiest, most bombastic form, let us bow and give thanks to the Professor, who's long hair blowing in the wind is a tribute to the culmination of punk and metal